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New Ebooks at the Health Sciences Library

Below are a few of the books we’ve recently added to our online collection.

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intro to nursing research

Introduction to Nursing Research: Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice

Giving students the tools they need to become effective practitioners, this text is a comprehensive guide for integrating evidence-based practice and research into the day-to-day work of nursing. Mastery of research will allow students training to be nurses to provide quality patient care and improve healthcare outcomes overall. As in previous editions, the authors take a thoughtful and practical approach by combining research, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice. The Sixth Edition focuses on the connection between research and evidence-based practice as a foundation for safe and effective health care.


refugee mental healthRefugee Mental Health 

This book is an in-depth practical guide for mental health practitioners working across diverse theoretical orientations to provide mental health services tailored to the needs of refugees. These needs are felt more keenly than ever as displaced populations continue to grow. Refugees often experience high rates of psychological distress, and appropriate mental health care services remain severely underdeveloped. Chapters in this edited volume outline research-supported psychological interventions that can be used in a culturally sensitive manner. They cover important topics like cultural humility, issues in screening and assessments, and specific ethical dilemmas when working with refugees. The book explores the ways in which Western interventions such as cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, expressive therapy, and school-based programs have been adapted to serve resettled refugee populations.


Making Play Just Right: Unleashing the Power of Play in Occupational TherapyMaking Play Just Right: Unleashing the Power of Play in Occupational Therapy

At the heart of Making Play Just Right: Unleashing the Power of Play in Occupational Therapy is the belief that the most effective way to ensure pediatric occupational therapy is through incorporating play. The Second Edition is a unique resource on pediatric activity and therapy analysis for occupational therapists and students. This text provides the background, history, evidence, and general knowledge needed to use a playful approach to pediatric occupational therapy, as well as the specific examples and recommendations needed to help therapists adopt these strategies.


Precision Medicine and Artificial IntelligencePrecision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence: the Perfect Fit for Autoimmunity 

Precision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence: The Perfect Fit for Autoimmunity covers background on artificial intelligence (AI), its link to precision medicine (PM), and examples of AI in healthcare, especially autoimmunity. The book highlights future perspectives and potential directions as AI has gained significant attention during the past decade. Autoimmune diseases are complex and heterogeneous conditions, but exciting new developments and implementation tactics surrounding automated systems have enabled the generation of large datasets, making autoimmunity an ideal target for AI and precision medicine.


Making Sense of Medical StatisticsMaking Sense of Medical Statistics: a Bite Sized Visual Guide 

Do you want to know what a parametric test is and when not to perform one? Do you get confused between odds ratios and relative risks? Want to understand the difference between sensitivity and specificity? Would like to find out what the fuss is about Bayes’ theorem? Then this book is for you! Physicians need to understand the principles behind medical statistics. They don’t need to learn the formula. The software knows it already! This book explains the fundamental concepts of medical statistics so that the learner will become confident in performing the most commonly used statistical tests. Each chapter is rich in anecdotes, illustrations, questions, and answers. Not enough? There is more material online with links to free statistical software, webpages, multimedia content, a practice dataset to get hands-on with data analysis, and a Single Best Answer questionnaire for the exam.