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Summer Showcase of Queer Texts at Mizzou Libraries

August is Pride Month in Columbia and to celebrate, Mizzou Libraries is showcasing queer texts found in our collection. Thank you to Jeron Hicks, senior English student, who curated this display to share with the Mizzou community.

Choices for this exhibit were not made to recognize the most prestigious poetry and prose of queer writing, nor to showcase the innumerable overshadowed works compiled by history: rather, the intention is to blend these categories and recognize that the value of LGBTQ+ literature is not fashioned purely by its initial or later reception. Instead, the aim is to provide a meaningful list of authors and their works from various times and categorical convergences to be used as introduction to wide array of styles in voice, imagery, and thematic contemplation found in queer writing.

Next time in you are in Ellis Library, take some time to visit this display on the 2nd floor.