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Marketing Highlights

Check out the latest Library Ambassadors newsletter.

Special Collections got a shout out on Twitter this week after a surprising instruction session: https://twitter.com/TheGreatKatee/status/920012886423957507.

Don’t forget to stop by the Homecoming Open House tomorrow at Ellis Library!

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United Way Penny Wars

Penny Wars is H-U-G-E! Don’t miss out on the fun.

Several divisions are going gangbusters! We encourage all of you to participate. Find a penny on the ground? Heads up or otherwise, it will bring luck to someone less fortunate.

The Penny Wars along with the raffle and Candy count will end October 27th.

The division with the most change/money in their jar/s will win bragging rights for the whole year!


home Staff news Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 10/17/17

Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 10/17/17

LMT 10.17.17 Information and Action Items

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Sign Up Now for Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Start preparing your Halloween costumes and getting your treats together, because it’s time for reverse trick-or-treating at Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Last year the libraries participated and it was a wonderful time. We delivered goody bags that had coloring books, playdoh, toys, etc.

Reverse trick-or-treating will begin at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31. If you are interested in participating, either by donating items or joining for the actual event, please email Taira Meadowcroft meadowcroftt@health.missouri.edu

Things to consider for items you want to buy for the kids: “Candy is allowed, but there is a possibility some patients may have restricted diets, so sugar-free candy or toys are also welcome. Suggested treats include stickers, pencils, costume jewelry, toy cars, bouncy balls, key chains, coloring books, Play-Doh and items appropriate for teenagers. Because of latex allergies and choking hazards, no latex balloons are allowed.”

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New MUSE Posts

Web tip of the week, Oct. 16, 2017

Events for the coming weekend! – Homecoming and fun Halloween festivities.

Recipe of the week: Homemade French Hot Chocolate.

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In the News

“Campus launches ‘With Illinois’ campaign”
iSchool at Illinois: News & Notes, October 2017

home Staff news Scoville, Emerson, and James Win Research Poster Award

Scoville, Emerson, and James Win Research Poster Award

Congratulations to Caryn Scoville, Katy Emerson, and Caroline James, who won the award for Best Research Poster at the 2017 Meeting of the Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association!

You can read more about the award here.  Their poster was titled “Almost One out of Five Requested Articles are Freely Available to the Public.”  Well done! 

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United Way Candy Jar Contest

Enter the United Way Guess How Many Candies in a Jar Contest! The contest will run until Friday, October 27, 2017. The winner gets the candy (not the jar). It is 25 cents per guess or 5 guesses for a $1. The candy jar is located in the Administration Office (on the same table as the shirts). People can contact Sheila Voss for further details.

All proceeds go to the United Way.

home Staff news Marketing Highlight

Marketing Highlight

The Zalk Veterinary Medical Library is featured on the Mizzou homepage.

Kate Anderson states, “http://missouri.edu currently features Travis Inman, a non-traditional vet student. He’d wanted a picture of everyone in his family studying in the library.”



home Staff news Treats for Staff Appreciation Day, Oct. 19

Treats for Staff Appreciation Day, Oct. 19

The Friends of the University Libraries would like to show their appreciation for library employees by bringing treats on Thursday, October 19, between 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Our Friends volunteers are coordinating with contact persons from each library. Your contact person will let you know when and where the treats can be picked up.

If you would like to thank the organizers for this treat, please send your emails to me. I will pass them on to the Friends.

Sheila Voss