Desmond Kisida: Self-portrait

Artist Statement

I am Desmond Kisida, a photographer and video artist based in Columbia, MO. Rooted in my deep appreciation for storytelling, I have an extensive background in photojournalism. My photography has been recognized with awards such as the Best of Show Award in Photojournalism from the National Scholastic Press Association. And in 2023, works of mine from serving as a photo volunteer for the True/False Film Fest were chosen to be featured in the festival’s photography exhibition, Trial and Error.

With photography as my foundational medium, I’ve noticed a consistent integration of photography and music in my foray into video, resulting in unique and evocative short films. Through my approach, disparate and niche influences, hitherto unspoken in the same sentence, seamlessly blend. My work offers viewers an immersive experience that oscillates between the polished aesthetics of cinema, the gritty realism of journalism, and the conceptual independence of abstractionism.

My current long-form project summarizes my commitment to digital storytelling. Since August 2023, I have been following the journey of a freshman here at Mizzou, capturing the unfolding chapters of his college experience. This ongoing endeavor will culminate in a documentary that epitomizes all four years of his collegiate life, offering a nuanced and intimate exploration of growth and self-discovery.

As I navigate the realms of photography and video, my aim is to create a harmonious relationship between the two. Through the lens of my camera, I strive to capture not just moments in time but essences of the human experience.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Self-portrait
  • Medium: Self-directed short film (4 min)
  • Student's Name: Desmond Kisida
  • Major: Digital Storytelling
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 26-May
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Michael Coleman
  • Mentor's Department: Digital Storytelling