Grace Radke: Pitch Deck for Mockups and Mocktails

Artist Statement

The main idea behind Mockups and Mocktails is about creating a space for creatives to meet other people similar to them, being able to share ideas and reduce burnout. Mockups and Mocktails is a place for college graduates to make friends outside of work because there aren’t as many personalized spaces in the professional world like there is in college to meet people. This is a space for creatives to enjoy exciting, one-of-a-kind drink concoctions while making a friend or going out for a business meeting. Mockups and Mocktails is the place for creatives in their 20s-30s to unwind after work and enjoy good conversation and good ideas.
In terms of branding, I wanted to put an emphasis on the ampersand sign, because the idea of the brand is merging two unlike concepts into a unified brand. Merging unlike concepts is something that artists do everyday, making this idea the perfect backdrop for a brand that is looking to engage with creatives. The original scope for this company was that it was a non-alcholic bar, with a 70’s, retro feel, which is why I chose the specific colors and typography featured in the pitch deck. I wanted the branding to feel sophisticated and creative, drawing in a crowd of artistic professionals looking for commonality in a shared space.

See project PDF file Pitch Deck for Mockups and Mocktails.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Pitch Deck for Mockups and Mocktails
  • Medium: 1080 x 1080 Pitch Deck
  • Student's Name: Grace Radke
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 25-May
  • Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
  • Student's Mentor: Deborah Huelsbergen
  • Mentor's Department: Graphic Design


Kierstin Nichols

So cool!

Kate Davidson

Grace is the most creative person I know! She has awesome ideas and this is just the start for her. 

Michael Davidson