Will Funderburg: Ginger Rogers X 1970 Wearable Decor


Artist Statement

For my inspiration for this design, I wanted to take from the design elements of 1970s decor mixed with Hollywood actress, Ginger Rogers. From the 70s decor, I chose a floral wallpaper design and a corduroy chair, and used these textiles and design elements for my final design. I wanted to mix these 1970s elements of this with Ginger Rogers love of dance and movement created by her garments. For my design process, I wanted to take inspiration from both 70s fashion and Ginger Rogers fashions. Ginger's love of godets adding them into the classic 70s bell bottoms and lined bell sleeves helped add the movement and drama I was looking for. For my pattern making process, I drafted the shirt using paper manipulating the darts into princess seams, adding yokes, and adding fullness to the sleeves and collar to create drama. For the pants, I used CLO3D and drafted each piece using the software. I wanted to give the look of the chair in the pants with the appliqué on the side to give the same feel as the chair design style. Along with the use of the 70 floral print from the shirt to the pants back pockets and godets. I hope this garment portrays the whimsy and grooviness of the 70s, with the movement and flair of Ginger Rogers, to show the free expressive side of both in this piece.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Ginger Rogers X 1970 Wearable Decor
  • Medium: 70s women's floral shirt and corduroy pants
  • Student's Name: Will Funderburg
  • Major: Textile and Apparel Management
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 26-May
  • Hometown: Freeburg, Illinois
  • Student's Mentor: Cheyenne Staib
  • Mentor's Department: Textiles and Apparel Managment


Kathy Riedle

Great job Will very classy design I love the shirt

Tony Funderburg

Great work!