Jacob Richey: Honeymoon

Artist Statement

I translate stories from my music to a physical form with this artist’s book, which uses traditional bookbinding techniques and structure to draw a narrative from materials that may otherwise not seem storied. I explore the permanence of impermanence with the use of natural materials moderately preserved through papermaking and paired with a poetry-guided narrative.

This book’s concept arose from my album “Honeymoon,” which is about the death of a former partner after a short but strong relationship — planting the concept of death within the idea of impermanence. I use found plant materials, including flower petals and roots, to analogize the quick bloom and death of springtime flowers with the loss of the relationship. I include lyrics from the album on the pages of the book — both handwritten and transferred — to blend these stories.

The flowers that fill the pages are plucked from the ground, swept from the dirt, ridded of impurities, soaked in soda ash, swirled in pulp, and pressed into permanence — all in the effort to preserve a fraction of their life amid their death. Everything in this book is made of things that have died, from the plants in the pages to the content on top of them, drawing attention to life through the lens of impermanence. There will always be things that disappear, that die, that move on from us, that we are supposed to move on from. But this work finds power in preservation in an admission of what must be laid to rest.

You can listen to the album "Honeymoon" at this link: https://ffm.to/honeymoon-jacobrichey

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Honeymoon
  • Medium: 24-page artist's book with pages made of dyed flax, hemp, and botanical inclusions with handwritten text and fabric transfers. 9x8 inches closed, 18x9 inches open.
  • Student's Name: Jacob Richey
  • Major: Journalism
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 25-May
  • Hometown: Bridgeport, Texas
  • Student's Mentor: Pazia Mannella
  • Mentor's Department: Art


Amy Davis

Jacob this is AMAZING! The paper is so cool and the book is just wonderful!!

C. Pazia Mannella

Congratulations, a beautiful book.