Christian Zarrick: Gas City Night Crime


Artist Statement

Gas City Night Crime is a short film following two robbers, Roger and his partner Burt, who dedicate themselves to full time burglary. Both lack the volition to work genuine, secure jobs, but also lack the guts to commit crimes of a bigger scale.
They settle for robbing several small, uncharted convenience stores and gas stations, and the film picks up during one of their nightly marks. While attempting to ransack the local gas station, the two are thrown for a loop after realizing the store clerk isn’t who they expected him to be.

This piece is a dramatic, dark comedy that perfectly captures the conflicting nature of an empathetic criminal, partnered with a money-hungry douchebag. The film twists the narrative to shock the audience with unexpected comedic timing, and utilizes composition, costuming, and performance to drive home its absurdist humor.
Gas City Night Crime conveys moral dilemmas through a warped, comedic tone, all while presenting an interesting underlying theme of empathy against greed.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Gas City Night Crime
  • Medium: a (.mp4) file, and it is 7 minutes and 48 seconds long. (7:48)
  • Student's Name: Christian Zarrick
  • Major: Digital Storytelling
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 24-May
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Viviana Goelkel
  • Mentor's Department: Film Studies