Dani Jennings: Building Blocks of a Great Workplace

Artist Statement

BUILDING as both metaphor and practice, is the concept for this project. Not only does the company design and create buildings but, more importantly, they emphasize a variety of foundational elements, or blocks within the company to build upon. Building community, connections, value, inclusivity, ideas, and long-term success are just a few of the important principles that NEXT intends to nurture within its workplace. The idea that every employee within a company brings their own individual strengths and weaknesses to the greater whole is much the same as a building. Like each individual material in a building, each individual employee must collaborate and connect to create success.  

This is reflected in the design in a variety of ways. From the color palette being inspired by raw materials to the acoustic ceiling panel positioning, building systems imagery is woven throughout the entire office. The logo itself is a system of random blocks inserted into an empty steel frame spelling out NEXT. Without the wooden blocks, the frame would be hollow and cold.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Building Blocks of a Great Workplace
  • Medium: one 33" x 80" pop up poster
  • Student's Name: Dani Jennings
  • Major: Architectural Studies (Interior Design)
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 24-Dec
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Rabia Faizan
  • Mentor's Department: Architectural Studies


Ying Hu

In-office childcare is such a great concept for office design!