Maddie Benedek: Seven Zero Brand Pitch Deck

Artist Statement

Seven Zero - Spirit Free Lounge is a seventies inspired bar serving zero proof cocktails. Seven Zero aims to create a welcoming atmosphere without the pressures of consuming alcohol. Delicious mocktails and groovy atmospheres inspire the logo and branding that is the backbone of Seven Zero. The brand intends to cater towards “the healthy partier” - a consumer who knows how to balance work and play, and can respect that sometimes the hangover isn’t worth it. After developing a brand personality, I took these pieces and arrived at the logo and brand that is Seven Zero. The three primary logo colors - electric pink, orange peel, and lime wedge - along with the curvy linework that makes up the logo, are all inspired by designs typical to the seventies era. The logo is intentionally suitable for multiple surfaces. Examples of the design can be seen as wall art, on t-shirts, and as outdoor signage.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Seven Zero Brand Pitch Deck
  • Medium: Brand guidelines / pitch deck for a self developed brand Seven Zero - Spirit Free Lounge.
  • Student's Name: Maddie Benedek
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 24-Dec
  • Hometown: Ballwin, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Deborah Huelsbergen
  • Mentor's Department: Graphic Design