Hannah Grade: Chrysalis - 2023 NEXT Student Design Competition Entry

Artist Statement

My submission for the 2023 NEXT Student Design Competition consists of the transformation of an unoccupied office space in Dallas, Texas for NEXT, a fictional global architecture and interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California. The inspiration behind my design for the space was derived from a butterfly’s chrysalis and what it represents: growth, transformation, and rebirth. The aspiration behind my concept was for anyone who is visiting or employed at the office to enter feeling inspired and exit feeling fulfilled. The NEXT office is a hub of creativity and artistic exploration, and I aimed for the design to reflect that ethos. The office’s design draws from the chrysalis motif in several ways, including the color palette and metaphorical implications, symbolizing the potential for growth and transformation, akin to a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly. To develop my concept, I utilized evidence-based design principles, incorporating studies on color theory, biophilia, and ergonomics to ensure optimal benefits for all users of the space. One of the key priorities of the design was to ensure the office's accessibility and inclusivity for everyone, achieved through the use of a gender-neutral color scheme and compliance with regulations for those with physical impairments. The following boards illustrate my efforts in designing and developing this space to meet the client's desires and requirements.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Chrysalis - 2023 NEXT Student Design Competition Entry
  • Medium: consisting of research & programming, materiality, floorplans, and renderings.
  • Student's Name: Hannah Grade
  • Major: Architectural Studies (Interior Design)
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 25-May
  • Hometown: St. Peters, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Katherine Stockton
  • Mentor's Department: Architectural Studies