Allison Keys: Midnight

Artist Statement

This garment, Midnight, was created from scratch, inspired by the American performer and icon, Ginger Rogers. Starting from initial inspiration drawn from her movies, dancing, photoshoots, and incredible fashion taste, I began exploring silhouettes from each decade Ginger thrived in through draping. I landed on a 1930s length and fit that emphasizes her sophistication and elegance through a sleek navy material enhanced with sheer embellished bell sleeves with a faux fur trim and added flare for dancing. Each of these features honors a different aspect of Ginger's inspiring personality that I felt connected to - elegance, sophistication, timelessness and youthfulness. When conceptualizing a new creation I strive to design a piece that aligns with the overarching theme, idea or person in question but also with my personal design aesthetic. After bringing my design and idea to life I hope the viewers are able to feel and understand the sparkling and inspiring presence of Ginger Roger, and even inspire them to embrace their own unique style with confidence.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Midnight
  • Medium: Women's dress made with navy blue satin fabric and navy blue chiffon sleeves with faux fur trim and flower embellishments.
  • Student's Name: Allison Keys
  • Major: Textile and Apparel Management
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 24-May
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Cheyenne Staib
  • Mentor's Department: Textile and Apparel Management


Tonya Veltrop

Nicely done! I enjoyed hearing about the process and the behind the scenes perspective. Thank you for sharing.