Tyler Thomas: MANifest Destiny


Artist Statement

This project is a part of a larger work that explores masculine vulnerability. Through this project, my goal was to capture and investigate the contrasting nature of the vulnerable man. College is the first taste of independence for many young adults. For this reason, the time young men spend at college are significant, as the relationships they build tend to be the most genuine and heavily relied upon. When these relationships are not formed, there can be dire consequences. Manifest destiny is a phrase that summarizes men’s desire to forge their own path to success. Some would suggest that the desire to avoid the formation of deep relationships is inherently masculine. As a result, men often self isolate. In my photos, I capture both sides of this coin, capturing soft flesh and thick skin; cold stares and pain-afflicted eyes; the broken and the healed. This is the masculine experience.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: MANifest Destiny
  • Medium: individually framed black and white photos of varying sizes.
  • Student's Name: Tyler Thomas
  • Major: Digital Storytelling
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: 25-May
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Joe Johnson
  • Mentor's Department: Art


Patricia Buechel

Awesome Tyler Thomas!!


Very good work! What really intrigued me was the artist statement on this composition. Manifestation is key to living your life. And the fact that you realize the foundation of forming these relationships at such a young age is impressive. Great work and good luck!

Bonnie thomas

Number : man in a bed

Julie Burch

Nice job, look forward to seeing more of your work and talent.

Allison Burke

Great pictures! 

Bill Thompson

Unbelievable. You are very talented. Wonder where you get that??

Julie Smith


Not only is the photography expressive and exquisite, the artist's statement is something to be admired and thoughtfully considered, especially for such a young man.  Tyler's maturity, vulnerability, and authenticity are to be applauded.  Well done, Tyler!

Lisa Fancher

Great job

Laura Hendrix

Go Tyler


I liked the closeup pictue of curly headed guy!

Heather Huffman

You have such a deep soul Tyler.  Awesome!!

Sherrie McCollum

Good luck! Great job!!