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LMT Information and Action Items, 8/8/17


LMT Cancelled 8.15.17

All Staff Meeting: 8.17.17             2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                     Ellis Auditorium

Attendees: Ann Campion Riley, Deb Ward, Kathy Peters, Anselm Huelsbergen, Ernest Shaw, Pat Jones, Jeannette Pierce, Jacqueline Rash, Shannon Cary, Sheryl Cullina

Agenda Items:

United Way Campaign

  • HR wants to change from fundraising all semester to a two-week period to which each college/department agrees.
  • Our committee would like to nominate new appointees to coordinate the campaign for the Libraries.

Decision: Will determine date for Libraries at a future time.

ACRL Diversity Alliance

  • University Libraries will be a supporting member of this initiative.
  • Must commit to hire one person and follow the 5 principles outlined in distributed attachment from ACRL.
  • We hope to obtain funding from other University offices.

Ithaka Surveys

  • It is recommended that LMT members review the Ithaka survey questions have been sent through email on behalf of Assessment Committee.
  • Discussion ensued regarding implementing Ithaka Surveys for faculty and graduate / professional students on our campus.
  • We have a small pool of money that can start the project but we will need to obtain outside funds and Provost support.
  • The results of these surveys will guide our strategic leadership and future proposals to the University.

Action: Jeannette will ask if, considering the timeline, we can still join for this fall.

Strategic Plan Development for MU, UMKC, S&T and UMSL

  • The System drafted new Vision statements and Compacts and included deadlines for these objectives as outlined in accompanying packet.
  • We will need to have a library plan to accompany the campus plan.

    • Ithaka Surveys will be helpful to inform our input for the MU strategic plan.

Salary and wage guidelines

  • Guidelines were distributed.
  • Raises can only be offered to select individuals that have documented exceptional performance, where market and retention is a concern, and funding is available. All raises will have to be approved by Vice Chancellor for Finance and Chancellor Cartwright.
  • Student raises were discussed.

Action: We will write up a student worker recommendation.

CSC Update

  • Since there is no reprieve on the collections budget, CSC recommended that we break Oxford, Chicago, Wiley, Springer and Elsevier including the Freedom Collection as well as the book budget for humanities and social science disciplines.

    • This is an over-cut totaling $2.5 million. Then we will reallocate the difference of the required $1.3 million cut; allowing Selectors to choose titles individually.
    • Corrie will negotiate with each vendor individually.

Decision: LMT supports CSC’s forced decisions to break these packages.

Travel Request Form

  • The travel form is being adjusted to accommodate additional questions that will help in determining to whom travel will be awarded.
  • It was proposed that MULAC review the document before LMT approves.
  • The deadline to submit travel requests was moved from September 1st to September 15th

New Items:

Sign update

  • New Library signage has been ordered.Installation will need to be scheduled.
  • The goal is to get this done by the start of the fall semester.


  • The libraries will remain open during the eclipse

    • Details on how librarians and library staff can still see the eclipse were discussed

Depository Study

  • Attention was drawn to the 3rd page of the packet noting the 3% cost escalation from the initial 2015 study numbers.

All Staff Meeting Agenda Items:

Salary and wage guideline implementation and limitations