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Tier 1 Is Almost Over!

Be sure to complete your Personal Health Assessment and read the 2018 Healthy for Life User Guide by April 30.

If you haven’t completed the two steps required for Tier 1 of the Wellness Incentive, you’ve still got work to do before you can earn $50* in your final May paycheck** and unlock the ability to work toward the additional Tier 2 incentive of $400. To finish Tier 1, log into the Wellness Portal and:

  1. Complete and submit your Personal Health Assessment to pinpoint ways you can improve your health.
  2. Read the Healthy for Life User Guide to find out about opportunities available system wide.

Already done with Tier 1? Keep your momentum going! You can check in on your progress and record points-eligible activities in the Wellness Portal to get a jump-start on Tier 2.

Thank you,
The Healthy for Life team