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Healthy for Life Update


September 6th
Free Flat Changing Clinic
Walt’s Bike Shop
6 pm
Teaching the ins and outs of changing a bike flat out of the road or trail!

September 15th
Lizzy’s Walk of Faith 5k walk/run
Twin Lakes Recreation Area
Proceeds for to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

September 15th
Spectrum’s Remarkable Race
Spectrum Health Care 
2-10 pm

September 15th
Sara Evans Concert for Mental Health Awareness  
Blue Note 8-12 pm


Pilates – Healthy for Life Wellness class

You can earn 10 points per class toward your Tier 2 Wellness incentive – up to 200 wellness points under Physical Activity.

  • Pilates is held Mondays and Wednesdays (12:10 – 12:50) in Townsend 206. Contact Tina England ( for information.
  • Strength/Core conditioning is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday (12:15 – 12:45) in Room 4F51 Ellis Library. Contact Nani Fudge ( for information.
  • Yoga is held Tuesday and Thursday(12:15 – 12:45) in Room 4F51 Ellis Library. Contact Glenda Moum ( for information.