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Guest Computer Access

For over 10 years, we have offered a free computer account to guests (people who are not currently affiliated with the University of Missouri).  We create accounts for guests utilizing an authentication system created and maintained by our fabulous LTS team.  The current dual access configuration (allowing both students and guests to login on the same computers with different authentication systems) was becoming more difficult to maintain and causing delays in updating systems and applications. In addition, the number of guests actually using the computers has decreased.  As a result, a task force was charged with reviewing the guest computer access this year.  A month or so ago, LMT approved the recommendation, submitted by the task force, to reduce the number of computers available for guest login to 6 and separating them from the current grouping of Mac computers (usually referred to as “The Orchard”).

Today, LTS has installed the 6 guest computers within the James B. Nutter Family Information Commons alcove (located directly south of the Reference Desk).

Guest access on the Mac computers in the Orchard has been disconnected.  Guests can only access on the computers within the alcove.

Guests can register for the free computer account at the Reference Desk.  They need a current, valid government-issued photo ID.  The account provides 2 hours of computer access per day.  It does not work for wireless access; it will only work on the 6 computers within the alcove.  The guest account is valid for 6 months.

Many thanks to the members of the task force, those in Security and Admin who moved tables and the members of LTS, especially Dustin and Ernest, for all their work in maintaining this system so that we can continue to provide guests to the libraries with access.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Rhonda Whithaus