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Get Involved with MULSA

As the MU Libraries Staff Association’s president, it’s time to remind you of what we do.  MULSA hosts parties throughout the year and provides snacks for the all-staff meetings.  We coordinate supplies, schedule and cleaning of the staff room and acknowledge personal events of the staff.  We are not an official library committee but all staff (professional and para-professional) are considered members.  MULSA is here to make the library a caring community and a nice place to be.

Up-coming events include:  the Celebration of Service (May 17th), the MULSA all-members annual meeting (May 23rd) and our annual picnic (June 15th).  About the annual meeting; we will have refreshments, report on the past years happenings and elect new officers.

Since I am currently President, Vice President/President Elect and Courtesy Chair, we really need new officers!  Please consider joining the executive board.  Talk to current officers (about the duties): Timothy Perry (Secretary), Jack Batterson (Treasurer), chairs Ruthe Morse (Courtesy), Ashley Granger (Community Service), Colleen Smith (Staff Room), Michelle Baggett and Erin Powell (Muse, our blog), Karen Eubanks and Tammy Green (Social) and Rachel Brekhus and Anne Barker (Book Sale).  Think about it and talk to your supervisor (some time is required).

P.S. As Courtesy Chair, please let me know if there is a reason to send a card or flowers.

Thanks, Ruthe