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Open Access in Action: University OA Policies

Celebrating Open Access Week: University Open Access Policies

Did you know that several of our peers have Open Access policies (even KU!)? These policies help ensure that faculty make the products of their research freely available to all.

For example, the KU’s Faculty Open Access Policy grants the University the right to deposit scholarly works to KU ScholarWorks, KU’s institutional repository.

In its OA Policy, the University of Arizona notes its land-grant mission and its “dedicat[ion] to making its scholarship available to the people of Arizona and the world to maximize its impact.”

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign states that “Open Access, by providing the widest possible dissemination of research, enhances benefits to the state, region, and world while also raising the visibility and profile of the researcher at the University.”

The University of California’s OA Policy applies not only to faculty but to all “authors who write scholarly article while employed at UC.”

Under these university OA policies, authors retain copyright and can receive waivers in order to opt out of the policy for specific articles. Find out more about faculty-led Open Access policies from the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions.

While MU does not currently have an Open Access policy, the University Libraries encourage you to retain your rights; make your work Open Access; and deposit your work to MOspace, MU’s institutional repository. Find out how.

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