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Use MOspace to Measure the Worldwide Impact of Your Research

In the 1971 MUtation, the yearbook from the School of Medicine, one of our librarians noticed that Dr. Dan Longo was listed as winning an award during Health Sciences Research Day that year. You may recognize Dr. Dan Longo as one of the authors (along with Dr. Anthony Fauci!) of Harrison’s Internal Medicine. We were able to find this information about Dr. Longo all because the yearbook was digitized in MOSpace. Digitizing your work makes it easier for others to find your work.

Are you presenting at Health Sciences Research Day? Add your poster to MOspace to help boost your resume.

MOspace is the freely available online repository for scholarship and other works by University of Missouri faculty, students, and staff.

You retain copyright, and we provide access.

Once items are submitted, the platform can provide statistics like number of downloads, and from which countries.

Currently, all Health Sciences Research Day posters in MOspace have a total of 39,061 downloads from over 100 countries worldwide. That’s up from 14,951 from last year.

Interested in seeing the worldwide impact of your research? Submit your poster using our online form today.

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