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Increase Research Impact Through Video Abstracts

Video abstracts are a great way to increase your research impact. A video abstract allows you to explain research in your own words, encourage people to engage in your research, and increase your research visibility. Finally, video abstracts allow you to reach a wider demographic – allowing you to reach your community in a wider scale.

Tips for creating a video abstract:

  1. Keep it short, ideally 2-3 minutes.
  2. Clearly define the problem, your research, and the broader impact.
  3. Be accessible – use clear language and be succinct. Video abstracts are a great way to engage a larger audience.
  4. Include images – pictures, graphs, charts or tables.
  5. End with a call to action – encourage people to read your article!

Below are a few examples of video abstracts that successfully tell a story. 

You can checkout video, audio and computer equipment from the libraries. Post your video on YouTube or Vimeo and share it on MOspace.