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MU Remembers: Honor with Books

This year’s MU Remembers ceremony, commemorating students, faculty and staff who have passed away in the last year, was held Friday, April 22. A book in remembrance of each honoree will be added to the University of Missouri Libraries’ collection. Commemorative bookplates are placed inside the books, and honorees’ names are placed on the books’ library catalog records. More information about our Honor with Books program can be found here.

The honorees’ names and the books selected in their memory are listed below.


Ashley Footer: Carrigan, M., & Fatsis, L. (2021). The public and their platforms: Public sociology in an era of social media. Bristol University Press.

Dakota Ioanis: Criekemans, D. (Ed.). (2022). Geopolitics and international relations: Grounding world politics anew. Brill/Nijhoff.

Molly-Paige Jones: Chambers, C., & Ryder, E. (2018). Supporting compassionate healthcare practice: Understanding the role of resilience, positivity and wellbeing. Routledge.

Breanna Killian: O’Connor, M. R. (2015). Resurrection science: Conservation, de-extinction and the precarious future of wild things. St. Martin’s Press.

Matthew Marek: Goldblatt, D. (2020). The age of football: Soccer and the 21st century. W. W. Norton & Company.

Jack Perlongo: List, J. A. (2022). The voltage effect: How to make good ideas great and great ideas scale. Currency.

Megan Rowley: Shively, D. (2018). The Pacific alone: The untold story of kayaking’s boldest voyage. Falcon Press.

Keith Sumner: Bess, J. (2021). Music production methods: A concise guide for understanding your role, process, and order. Rowman & Littlefield.

Carol Williams: Osei-Kofi, N., Boovy, B., & Furman, K. (Eds.). (2022). Transformative approaches to social justice education: Equity and access in the college classroom. Routledge.

Faculty and Staff
Terri Linn Bishop: Schilp, J. L. (2019). Dogs in health care: Pioneering animal-human partnerships. McFarland & Company.

Cale Blaine: Sullivan, C. (2021). Fishing the wild waters: An angler’s search for peace and adventure in the wilderness. Pegasus Books.

Pia Christiansen: Johnson, P., & Punnett, I. (2022). Redefining journalism in an age of technological advancements, changing demographics, and social issues. Information Science Reference.

Brian DeLunas: McDermott, T. (2017). Off speed: Baseball, pitching, and the art of deception. Pantheon Books.

Richard Eyler: Paige, D. S. (2021). Community eco-gardens: Landscaping with native plants. Toplight.

Marita Harris: Rawson, K., & Shore, E. (2019). Dining out: A global history of restaurants. Reaktion Books.

Tina Havner: Rogers, M. (Ed.). (2021). Spiritual dimensions of advanced practice nursing: Stories of hope. Springer.

James Hundle: Handelsman, J. (2021). A world without soil: The past, present, and precarious future of the Earth beneath our feet. Yale University Press.

Stephanie Irwin: Novello, C. (2019). Mutual rescue: How adopting a homeless animal can save you, too. Grand Central Publishing.

Jonathan Lindquist: Cash, J. D. (2020). Boom and bust in St. Louis: A Cardinals history, 1885 to the present. McFarland & Company.

Robert McLaren: Meadows, C. J. (2021). Famous business fusions: Ideas that revolutionized industries. DeGruyter.

Steve Pilcher: Vile, J. R. (2018). The American flag: An encyclopedia of the Stars and Stripes in U.S. history, culture, and law. ABC-CLIO.

Jennifer Polkow-Haight: Romich, J. A., & Norkus, C. (2021). Anesthesia, analgesia, and pain management for veterinary technicians. Cengage.

Stewart Selves: Kalaitzandonakes, N., Kaufman, J., & Zahringer, K. (2019). The economics of soybean disease control. CABI.

Scott Vaughan: Barrett, D. (2021). The story of The Masters: Drama, joy and heartbreak at golf’s most iconic tournament. Tatra Press.

David Weston: Cohen, J. (2019). Speed bumps on a dirt road: When old time music met bluegrass. Powerhouse Books.

Illhoi Yoo: Thomas, P. L., Harris, J. L., & Collins, B. J. (Eds.). (2021). Data-driven quality improvement and sustainability in health care: An interprofessional approach. Springer.