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Lisa Bartlett on Display in Bookmark Cafe

Artwork from local artist Lisa Bartlett is currently on display in Ellis Library in the Bookmark Cafe. You can see Bartlett’s work throughout the fall semester. See Bartlett’s artist statement below.

“Being of a restless, creative nature, I generally have multiple projects going on at once. I bounce between media, and I love to experiment.

I am interested in those who have suffered and yet persevered. I like to honor cultures that have been marginalized. I do this by showing the joy and vibrancy of peoples through color and vibrant brush strokes.

Sometimes I like to paint on very large canvases and include collage and gold leaf in the composition. I also enjoy working in three dimensions using such found objects as old clock cases, broken ceramics, and Victorian hardware. My work often tells a story, since I’m fascinated by human nature and by what history has to teach us. Old photographs, old letters, and other memorabilia are major sources of inspiration.

I’m always looking for new ideas, new construction techniques, and new projects to get excited about. Anything that involves experimentation, anything complicated, and finally just the act of creation itself—that’s what I love.”