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Voter Registration Guide

2018 Register to Vote Library Guide

Top things to know are:

  • Voter registration deadline in Missouri is Wednesday October 10.
  • First-time Missouri voters must vote in person on November 6, unless they presented acceptable photo ID to the County Clerk at the time they registered. Only those who have voted in Missouri before, or who have presented that ID (not just included their driver’s license number on their registration form), will be sent an absentee ballot when they request one, and they must request it by October 31.
  • If a student wants to register in a district outside Boone County (either in Missouri or in another state), they must be aware that the process for both registration and absentee voting differ, and may be unexpectedly complicated (for instance, to vote absentee when registered in another Missouri county, you have to get that absentee ballot notarized). Our guide has links to other counties’ requirements.

If you have questions that are not answered in the guide, visit the Boone County Clerk’s Office.