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Identity Standards for MU and the Libraries

Over the last several years, the University of Missouri has adopted identity standards that relate to what we call ourselves and the images we use to represent the institution. To find a complete list of these rules, visit identity.missouri.edu.

Here are some key things to remember:

  • We no longer use “Columbia” when referring to our campus, it is just the University of Missouri, MU, or Mizzou.
  • Mizzou is to be used in informal situations or when students are the primary audience.
  • The stacked MU is the primary logo for the University. There are strict rules about using the stacked MU.
  • Each unit has their own unit signature. It is the stacked MU with the name of the unit and the University of Missouri.
  • You can get the the Libraries’ unit signature from me. If you need anything printed with the unit signature, please make sure it has been approved by me or Printing Services.
  • When referring to the Libraries, use University of Missouri Libraries in the first instance and use University Libraries after that. You may use Mizzou Libraries in informal situations, such as on social media.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Shannon Cary

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Marketing Highlights

The Mizzou Facebook account posted a photo of students studying in the Grand Reading Room of Ellis Library for their announcement of the Missouri Land Grant Compact!

We have had lots of new posts to the Newshub this week.

  • As usual, Jen Gravley has been keeping everyone informed about the RAIS resources, services, and Cycle of Success stories. Thanks to Jen for helping RAIS get its news out!
  • And check out some posts from ACTS and UMLD:
  • The specialized libraries have also been busy posting. Check out these space updates from the Engineering Library.
  • Thanks to everyone who has helped to post items to the Newshub and to the Instagram account this week. It’s been a busy first week!
home Staff news Marketing Highlight: Message to Faculty

Marketing Highlight: Message to Faculty

Subject Librarians are sharing a welcome message with faculty in academic programs. For those of you who have not seen it yet, please take a moment to review the message. It is a great way to learn more about the services we are promoting to academic programs.

home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

home Staff news Marketing Highlights and Important Updates

Marketing Highlights and Important Updates

  • A reminder regarding our name: When writing in a formal or official capacity (to faculty/administration, etc.) use University of Missouri Libraries the first time and then University Libraries after that. Anything fun, especially something directed at students, we can use Mizzou Libraries. We no longer use MU Libraries. If you have questions, please contact Shannon Cary.
  • The Libraries placed ads in two special editions of the Columbia Missourian: College Town 2017, which was published on July 20 and Welcome Back 2017, which will be published on August 24. The ad highlights our research consultation service, which can now be scheduled through MU Connect. The ad is on page 13D of College Town.
  • Check out the new Instagram feed on the Newshub page. Watch for new and exciting things on the Mizzou Libraries Instagram account this fall!
  • Our Twitter handle has changed. We are now @MizzouLibraries on Twitter.
  • The Marketing Team and Newshub Reporters are working on e-newsletters for the beginning of the semester. Contact your area’s reporter (see list below) if you have announcements that need to go out to faculty, students, or staff.  And watch your inbox for a new and improved version of News Notes next week!

Newshub Reporters
RAIS: Jennifer Gravley
Technical Services: Ashley Granger
UMLD: Kevin McFillen
Administration: Noah Hartsfield
Journalism Libraries: Sue Schuermann
Veterinary Medical Library: Kate Anderson
Engineering, Geology, and Math Libraries: Kate Wright
Health Sciences Library: Taira Meadowcroft
Special Collections & Rare Books/Archives: Kelli Hansen