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Marketing Highlight

Check out the Mizzou home page – Cost Savings: Faculty use OER to reduce cost for students.



Picture of Grace included!

(Thanks to Kate Anderson for sharing these links.)

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Newshub Guide Updated

The Newshub Guide has been recently updated: https://libraryguides.missouri.edu/NewsHub

It is for all library employees and newshub reporters. If you are not a newshub reporter, it gives you background on what the newshub can do for you, how to help your newshub reporter with creating content, your part in the Cycles of Success, and gives a list of all the newshub reporters.

There is a link for this guide on the staff webpage.

If you have any questions, send them our way.

-The Marketing Team (Grace Atkins, Shannon Cary, Kelli Hansen, and Taira Meadowcroft)



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Call for Mizzou Libraries Instagram Volunteers and Vacation Pictures

We are looking for volunteers to help create content for the Mizzou Libraries Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mizzou.libraries/ .

What would you need to do as an Instagram creator? Good question.

  • Post on your scheduled day. Right now we have a few volunteers and they post once every 7 days.
  • Show all the sides of the library. We have great content of new books, Ellis from back in the day, Book Face, behind the scenes of the library, and really anything to show the fun side of the library. Check out the Instagram to see what we’ve posted all year.

Don’t want to be a content creator, but still want to submit pictures? Great! Send your pictures to me.

We are also looking for pictures of you on vacation this summer. Send me fun pictures of places you visit, cool things you did, and even your staycation pictures. They don’t have to be pictures of you visiting another library, but those are also appreciated.  You can take a look at other #LibrariansOnVacation for ideas: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/librariansonvacation/

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

–Taira Meadowcroft

home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

Check out the latest Mizzou Made story from the Libraries: Asking the Right Questions Pays Off

home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

As part of National Library Week, we gave out ALA coloring books to people who commented on social media about why they like the Libraries. Here are some of those comments:

  • Bailey Youngs
    @bailsrails on Twitter
    I love Mizzou libraries because it provides many resources, a great place to study, Bookmark, and no one judges you if you have a mental breakdown at 11 pm on Tuesday
  • Cannotatedbib
    @cannotatedbib on Twitter
    @MUSpecColl [Special Collections] gave me the best internship I’ve ever had – the people, the work, and the education made Ellis one of my favorite places on Earth.
  • Brandi Bengston
    @TheLightWithinShinesMyBeauty on Facebook
    I like the databases I can access and the helpful librarians on the chat for myself as a distance learner!
  • Chaney
    @2chainees on Twittter
    I love Mizzou libraries because it’s such a welcoming environment. I can cry over my Capstone research project and everyone just *understands* (and the databases and helpful librarians)
  • Jillian Frasher
    @ jillian.frasher on Facebook
    I love the stacks with the ladders I can use and feel like Belle. Also, all the great study nooks and wonderful librarians to ask for help!
  • Leah Glenn
    @leah.burettaglenn on Facebook
    The librarians are very knowledgeable and helpful!
  • Rabia Gregory
    @RabiaGregory on twitter
    Without our amazing librarians faculty like me couldn’t do our jobs. Special shout outs to interlibrary loan, special collections, and the awesome negotiators who maintain our access to academic journals. Libraries are essential to research and teaching! Ps. #Fundthelibrary

  • Daniel A. Hoyt
    @dan_hoyt on twitter
    #NationalLibraryWeek When I entered #Mizzou, as a first-generation college student, Ellis Library was this grand and hopeful and vital place. Thank you, @MizzouLibraries
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Marketing Highlights

More Instagram fun!


home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

Here’s some social media fun for your Friday enjoyment:



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Marketing Highlights

The Chancellor’s update this week including a #MizzouMade story that was submitted by the Libraries. Thanks to Kate Wright at Engineering for sharing Elgin’s story!

If you didn’t get to listen to the Chancellor’s address on Tuesday, you can still do so. Towards the end of the address he talked about working with Ann Riley on the library of the future!

home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

  • One of our most popular recent Instagram posts demonstrates that the University Libraries and our followers value diversity.
  • We are handing out free cell phone card holders, so students and faculty have a place to keep their ID when they are using Ellis Library after 10pm.


home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

Hope you were following the Libraries’ social media accounts on MO Libraries Snapshot Day! Here’s a glimpse of the photos of our librarians and staff at work.

#MOLibraries Snapshot Day, which was on Jan. 24, is a social media activity designed by the Missouri Library Association to advocate for libraries through increased visibility using the hashtag #MOLibraries.

The statewide collection of library snapshots can be found at https://storify.com/MOlibraries.