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Recent University of Missouri Publications in Medicine and Related Fields: March 2017

See below for University of Missouri authored articles added to Scopus in the last 30 days from medicine and related fields. Click here for an explanation on how these searches are run monthly to identify articles and how the lists are compiled. 

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Recent University of Missouri Publications- Medicine and Related Fields:

  1. Nguyen, T.H.D., Vardhanabhuti, B., Lin, M., Mustapha, A. Antibacterial properties of selenium nanoparticles and their toxicity to Caco-2 cells
  2. Thomas, J.M., Locke, J.W.C., Bishop, B.E., Abel, J.M., Ellersieck, M.R., Yelich, J.V., Poock, S.E., Smith, M.F., Patterson, D.J. Evaluation of the 14-d CIDR-PG and 9-d CIDR-PG protocols for synchronization of estrus in Bos indicus-influenced and Bos taurus beef heifers
  3. Stickles, S.P., Seithel, M., Sampson, C.S.Pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis
  4. Green, D.J., Hopman, M.T.E., Padilla, J., Laughlin, M.H., Thijssen, D.H.J. Vascular adaptation to exercise in humans: Role of hemodynamic stimuli
  5. Gorka, S.M., Hedeker, D., Piasecki, T.M., Mermelstein, R. Impact of alcohol use motives and internalizing symptoms on mood changes in response to drinking: An ecological momentary assessment investigation
  6. Nagy, D.W. Diagnostics and Ancillary Tests of Neurologic Dysfunction in the Ruminant
  7. Reinke, W.M., Herman, K.C., Riley-Tillman, T.C., Johnson, A.H. Current Advances and Future Directions in Behavior Assessment
  8. Mohrmann, C., Armer, J., Hayashi, R.J. Challenges Evaluating Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Which Instrument Should Nurses Use?
  9. Claros, B., Edara, P., Sun, C. When driving on the left side is safe: Safety of the diverging diamond interchange ramp terminals
  10. Martin, E.A., Karcher, N.R., Bartholow, B.D., Siegle, G.J., Kerns, J.G. An electrophysiological investigation of emotional abnormalities in groups at risk for schizophrenia-spectrum personality disorders
  11. Reinke, W.M., Herman, K.C., Miller, F.G., Riley-Tillman, T.C., Chafouleas, S.M., Schardt, A.A. Direct Behavior Rating Instrumentation: Evaluating the Impact of Scale Formats
  12. Erikson, J.M., Valente, A.J., Mummidi, S., Kandikattu, H.K., Demarco, V.G., Bender, S.B., Fay, W.P., Siebenlist, U., Chandrasekar, B. Targeting TRAF3IP2 by genetic and interventional approaches inhibits ischemia/reperfusion-induced myocardial injury and adverse remodeling
  13. Grunz-Borgmann, E.A., Nichols, L.A., Wang, X., Parrish, A.R. Twist2 is upregulated in early stages of repair following acute kidney injury
  14. Mentor, S., Fisher, D. Aggressive antioxidant reductive stress impairs brain endothelial cell angiogenesis and blood brain barrier function
  15. Stormont, M., Young-Walker, L. Supporting professional development needs for early childhood teachers: An exploratory analysis of teacher perceptions of stress and challenging behavior
  16. Restaino, R.M., Deo, S.H., Parrish, A.R., Fadel, P.J., Padilla, J. Increased monocyte-derived reactive oxygen species in type 2 diabetes: role of endoplasmic reticulum stress
  17. Waqas, M., Kim, Y.-H., Khan, A.L., Shahzad, R., Asaf, S., Hamayun, M., Kang, S.-M., Khan, M.A., Lee, I.-J. Additive effects due to biochar and endophyte application enable soybean to enhance nutrient uptake and modulate nutritional parameters
  18. Khan, A.L., Gilani, S.A., Waqas, M., Al-Hosni, K., Al-Khiziri, S., Kim, Y.-H., Ali, L., Kang, S.-M., Asaf, S., Shahzad, R., Hussain, J., Lee, I.-J., Al-Harrasi, A. Endophytes from medicinal plants and their potential for producing indole acetic acid, improving seed germination and mitigating oxidative stress
  19. Li, Y., Geary, D.C. Children's visuospatial memory predicts mathematics achievement through early adolescence
  20. Ni, Y., Teng, T., Li, R., Simonyi, A., Sun, G.Y., Lee, J.C.TNFα alters occludin and cerebral endothelial permeability: Role of p38MAPK

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