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Team Zalk: Meet Trixie!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name: Trixie Louise

Species: Canis familiaris. Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever Mix.

Age: 12ish

Likes: Cheese. Stalking neighborhood squirrels, bunnies, deer, and possum. Cheese. Napping in the sun. Cheese. Walking around campus on Sunday afternoons. Cheese.

Dislikes: Hot air balloons. The neighborhood C-A-T. Turtles. Arugula. Thunderstorms.

Favorite Books: I, Trixie, Who Is Dog. Remembrance of Things Past. Who Moved My Cheese?

Human: Kate Anderson


Trixie at Jesse Hall Trixie at Columns Trixie on the Quad