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Team Zalk: Meet Dexter!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name:  Dexter

Species:  Canis familiaris. Red Heeler/Lab Mix.

Age: 6

Siblings: Abu, Shadow

Likes:  Elk antlers. Chasing squirrels. Playing with the cat. Snuggling. Food. Walks. Singing along with his favorite songs. Creating abstract art with toilet paper.

Dislikes:  Being touched on his paws. The cat or bunny within close proximity of his chew toys. Animals on TV

What he does all day:  Lays on dad’s spot in the bed. Watches avian theatre with the kitty. Barks at random sounds.

Hero: His dad, Chris.

One word: Needy

Human: Sue Giger