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New Resources for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

The Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicince (University of Nottingham) has launched VetSRev and BestBETs for Vets!

Information on the new resources from Douglas Grindlay, Veterinary Information Specialist, CEVM:


Firstly, there is VetSRev (

VetSRev is a freely-accessible online database of citations for systematic reviews of relevance to veterinary medicine and science. At present VetSRev contains around 330 systematic reviews, but more and more are being published each year.

To find out more about VetSRev and our inclusion and exclusion criteria, please see our document About VetSRev. We have also written a guide to using the database called Getting Started with VetSRev.

BestBETs for Vets

Our database BestBETs for Vets ( is also now available online.

“BET” stands for Best Evidence Topic. The BestBETs concept was first developed for doctors working in emergency medicine ( In collaboration with our medical colleagues, we have developed a freely accessible database of BestBETs for vets, BestBETs for Vets.

BETs are simple reviews of the current best evidence available to answer simple, common and specific clinical questions. They are designed to be a quick and achievable method of enabling the incorporation of evidence into clinical practice.

BETs start with a very specific clinical question. A systematic literature search is then done to find available evidence. The relevant literature is critically appraised for quality and a “bottom line” (the answer to the question) is reached based on this evidence. BETs do not tell you what to do, they tell you about the evidence on a certain topic—we aim to give an unbiased view of the evidence found.

BETs can be used to help vets stay up to date on what the current evidence suggests on a specific topic. They can also be used as a discussion point for practice meetings, journal clubs and teaching.

If there is a particular topic or question which we have not yet covered, you could submit the question to us via the BestBETs for Vets website.

New CEVM website

Finally, we have a completely new CEVM website, with details of all our different projects:"