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Heads Up: Construction Project in Zalk Library over Spring Break

During Spring Break, we’ll be getting all new ceiling tiles and all new lighting in the library! We’re really, really excited for this project, BUT…it is going to be messy and loud in here. Also be aware that Campus Facilities will be in and out the library before Spring Break to do some prep work.

At this point (3/7), we think we’ll have some access to the stacks, but we doubt you’ll want to be in here studying. Please plan accordingly.

We’ll post updates to this page to let you know what’s happening in the library.


3/15: The new ceiling tile has arrived!

3/19: We met with Campus Facilities to discuss the project. Prep work will begin in the library on Friday, March 22, *after* exams are over. Campus facilities will be draping the stacks and laying down plastic sheeting. If possible, they may begin removing ceiling tiles from the open areas of the library.

They assured us that it will be a mess in here — so, plan to be elsewhere. If you need a quiet place to study over break, check out the hours of our other fine campus libraries.

3/21: More prep is underway! Scaffolding has arrived. The plants are being relocated to other parts of the building (hey, they might as well go on Spring Break, too!). Because of anticipated health and safety concerns, there will be no after hours access to Zalk Library starting Friday evening. We don’t want you to trip over something (in the dark since our lights will be out), or get a massive headache from the paint fumes! We’ll restore after-hours access as soon as we can.

Library staff will be in the building — if we’re not in the library, look for us in the old Comparative Orthopaedic Lab (E207). If you need to get a hold of us, send us an email at

3/22: The project has begun!! Stacks are being draped and old ceiling tile is coming down!

3/25: Excellent progress has been made! All of the book stacks and the circulation desk are now covered in plastic (if you need something, email us — we might be able to get to it…). Over 1/2 of the old ceiling tile have come down. Some of the new tiles and the very fancy flat-panel LCD lights have been installed! Difference is night and day!! Campus facilities found tons of old telephone wire in the ceiling. They were able to remove that (might as well clean things up!).

3/26: Campus Facilities continues to be awesome! Project is about 1/2 way done. Many new lights were installed, some long-ago “oddities” with the wiring were corrected (whew! and thanks!), and lots of new ceiling tile was put in. They’ll be back at it tomorrow!

3/28: They’re working on the staff offices today. Come find us in E207, or send us an email!

3/29: Thanks to the AMAZING work by Campus Facilities, the project is wrapping up!! Chris, Jeff and Jeff, Levi, Ray, David, Rick: Your work and good humor is greatly appreciated!! After-hours access to the library will be restored this evening. So, come on in over the weekend!