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Resume Paper Printing 101

Are you preparing for this semester’s Career fairs? Are you confused on where to print on resume paper or even where to find it? This post will attempt to address your concerns and inform you on what campus services you can utilize to prepare to meet potential employers.

What is Resume Paper?

Resume paper is a sheet of paper that usually comes in the regular paper dimensions of 8.5″ x 11″. However, it is slightly thicker and sturdier than regular paper.

Resume paper can be found at most office supply stores or large retailers that sell office supplies. This would include places like Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, or Target. To buy it, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $11-$45 depending on the quantity and brand you purchase. However, there are some places on campus you can acquire it for no charge.

Where can I Find Resume Paper on Campus?

Engineering libraryWe do not keep a regular supply of resume paper. However, we do currently have a small supply of it that we are happy to give out. This will be as-supplies-last.

MU Career Center – The Career Center does keep resume paper to give out to students. You will have to ask at their front desk to receive some.

Trulaske College of Business Career CenterFor business majors and minors only, the college of Business’ Career Services does have resume paper that they will let you use in-office to print on.

Student Center – The Student Center does sell resume paper as well. It will go for similar prices as retailers.

Where can I Print on Resume Paper on Campus?

MU Career Center – Likewise to requesting paper from them, the Career Center will also print your resume for you at their front desk.

Trulaske College of Business Career CenterFor business majors and minors only, the college of Business’ Career Center will allow you to use their printers to print your resume. They ask that you render your resume ready to print before going to their offices.


Why do I need resume paper? – These days, it is more common for you to submit your resume digitally than to submit it physically. However, that may not always be the case. Using resume paper in a career fair setting is expected to help you develop presentation skills and an attention to detail when it comes to job hunting. Some colleges may require it of their students attending events where they will meet potential employers.

Why do the libraries discourage using their printers to print on resume paper? – While using this type of paper shouldn’t hurt our printers, we generally discourage using our printers due to the fact that they are public use. There is no guarantee that your paper isn’t accidentally used by another student printing something. As well, you would have to take all of the loaded paper out of the printer you’re using to ensure that the printer won’t print your document on regular, already-loaded paper.


Gabe Harman

Gabe Harman is a Senior Info Specialist at MU's Engineering library. He focuses on out-reach, instruction, and circulation