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More Full Text in CAB

CAB Abstracts now includes many more full-text documents

To meet the need of researchers for access to full text content CABI is continuously collecting together ‘hard-to-find’ material from around the globe. Previously this content was only available via Full Text Select (a separate subscription product), but CABI has decided to automatically include it in CAB Abstracts. It is important that researchers have access to ALL relevant content – not just that from the major aggregators – and the full text content on CAB Abstracts helps make this a reality.  It is a permanent, sustainable repository, currently containing over 35,000 documents (Oct 2008), and growing by over 10,000 documents per year.

Full-text items include:

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Reports (government reports, international organizations)
  • Journals articles (many not available through the major aggregators. Including English and non-English documents)