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Room use policy for room 406

Now that the new classroom in Special Collections is ready to use, we can make it available for non-Special Collections classes and groups. Please be aware of the following room use policy:

  1. Please book room 406 only when there are no other classrooms or meeting rooms available for your group.
  2. Bookings should be made no more than two weeks in advance to ensure that class sessions in Special Collections have priority use of the space.
  3. Please enforce our no food and drink policy in the classroom. Water in closed containers is acceptable when there are no Special Collections materials in the room.
  4. Feel free to rearrange tables and chairs, but please put the room back as you found it when you leave.
  5. Check in at the Special Collections reading room to have staff unlock the room for you.

LibCal scheduling is in the works, but for now, people can send requests for room 406 to

Kelli Hansen

Kelli Hansen is head of the Special Collections and Rare Books department.