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Digital Services update: Current digitization projects

Digital Services is carrying out several digitization projects to meet the needs of different units in the library and on campus. This is a quick overview of most of our current projects, several of which are long-term.

Typography books. The Journalism Library reviewed the University Libraries collections and identified books on typography which were not yet in the HathiTrust. We are digitizing these volumes and are contributing them to the HathiTrust.

HathiTrust collection:;c=1491577794

Early British pamphlets. This project supports the goal of making resources in the English Short Title Catalog (ESTC) available in the HathiTrust. Special Collections and Rare Books has identified 15,000 titles in their collection that meet the criteria of ESTC. We have added 900+ titles to the HathiTrust so far and  have several items in the process of being added.

HathiTrust collection:;c=1689078988

MU Extension material. We received copies of older Extension publications when Agricultural Economics weeded their collection of resources and from the duplicates SHS didn’t retain. We seized this opportunity to digitize these duplicates, because we can disbind and scan them quickly. We have added 800+ titles to MOspace since Summer 2019.

MU Extension collection in MOspace:

Missouri Place names theses. Under the direction of advisory Robert L. Ramsey, students in the 1920s and 1930s completed theses documenting the origins of places names in Missouri, including names for “counties, townships, post offices, rivers. branches, creeks, ridges, prairies, mounds, hills, valleys, gaps, churches, and mills.” We have completed digitization of twelve of the eighteen so far, and they are available in MOspace. We have gotten requests to make these available from the general public and from Missouri government agencies.

Example: Place names in six of the west central counties of Missouri

University of Missouri course catalogs. Partnering with the Registrar’s Office, we have been digitizing MU Course Catalogs. Early volumes included histories and reports of departments and the university. For some years, we have catalogs for individual schools and colleges, too. We are currently digitizing catalogs from the 1990s, and are filling in gaps for other decades.

MOspace collection:

University Missourian. This serial publication was added to the University Libraries collections in 2019. It began publication in 1871; we have issues through 1880. We have completed scanning it and It will be available in MOspace soon.

MERLIN record:

Shamrock. The Engineering Library had a duplicate set of the Engineering yearbook and asked to have them added to MOspace. These volumes provide an interesting look at the history of Engineering over the years.

MOspace collection:

Muse. We are partnering with the Museum of Art and Archaeology to make all issues of the MUSE, the annual publication of the Museum, available online. We are digitizing copies not in digital form and sharing copies with the Museum and are harvesting issues we need that are already available online.on the Museum site.

MOspace collection:
Museum website:

Focus. At the request of HSL, we have digitized over 300 articles published between 1967-2001 under the banner, “Highlights” or “Focus” in the periodical, Missouri Monthly Vital Statistics. This series of articles covers a range of topics related to the health and vital statistics of Missourians, and include statistical information. We hope to make these available in the HathiTrust, but will host them locally if full view cannot be provided in the HathiTrust.

As you can tell, we have been busy. We also are wrapping up other projects and processing one-time requests, on top of processing current MU theses and dissertations (Fall 2019 were added to MOspace this week) and other MU publications to MOspace.