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Life Among the Shelves: A MU Libraries Podcast

What do you think of when you hear special collections and archives? Old books? Decades old letters? You’d be correct, but there’s so much more that happens on the 4th floor of Ellis Library!

Join Macy Love and John Henry Adams in an exploration of what we do in Special Collections, Libraries, and Archives. They showcase treasures from our collections, guide you through our services, and show you all the work it takes behind the scenes to answer all your questions.

New episodes drop every Tuesday

Episode 5: Scanning and Uploading: Digital Repositories
Thanks to the Internet, many people can use rare and archival materials without coming in to see them in person. But how are those digital copies made? In this episode, Macy and John Henry explore the question of digitization. Macy interviews Steven Pryor and Britany Saunders from Digital Services. 

Episode 4: Fixing What’s Broken: Book Repairs and Enclosures 
Repairs and maintenance are an important part of preserving rare and archival materials. In this episode, Macy and John Henry explore some of the ways in which librarians and archivists repair and protect books on the shelves. Macy interviews Michaelle Dorsey from Special Collections and Anselm Huelsbergen from the University Archives. 

Episode 3: Pay Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain: Teaching Prep
Many patrons first encounter special collections or archival materials in a classroom. In this episode, Macy and John Henry discuss the work that goes into setting up a class session. 

Episode 2: Books and Records Don’t Circulate: Running A Reading Room
Patrons at rare books libraries and archives have to use the materials in special reading rooms. In this episode, Macy and John Henry explore why reading rooms exist and how they are run. Macy interviews Kris Anstine from the University Archives and John Konzal from Special Collections.  

Episode 1: I’d Like Some Information Please: Reference Questions
In this episode, Macy and John Henry explore how librarians and archivists answer reference questions. Macy interviews Kelli Hansen from Special Collections and Gary Cox from the University Archives. 

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Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, reference, and marketing for the University of Missouri Libraries.