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Countdown to Finals: Account Status

Every student at Mizzou has many accounts they need to keep track of, and some of those accounts can help you out at the Mizzou Libraries!

Know the status of your Print Quota. Make sure you have money left if you still need to do a lot of printing! If you go over your semester allowance, you can add money to your Tiger card account to pay for additional printing. Unfortunately, student charge is no longer available for this service, so make sure and check your account regularly. To check the status of your Print Quota, click the link and log in with your username and password. You can also request refunds from this site if your print didn’t come out correctly. While you’re at it, make sure to download PrintAnywhere if you haven’t already. If you’ll be in the library, install those printers on your device now to save yourself time.

Another account to keep in mind is your MERLIN Account. This is the account that keeps track of all the books and materials you have checked out from the Mizzou Libraries or MOBIUS. If you have anything checked out through Interlibrary Loan, you can see that information by logging into your separate ILL Account

Additionally, something else you always want to bring with you to the Mizzou Libraries is your Student ID. After 10 pm this is how you are granted access into Ellis Library, and this is also how you check out supplies (i.e., chargers, whiteboard markers, etc.) or use available lockers during all hours that library services are open.