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New Book Display: Stroke and Rehabilitation

Did you know that stoke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of long term disability? Test your knowledge of brain health and stoke prevention. Come check out the Health Sciences new book display about stroke and rehabilitation. Learn about the different types of stroke, best treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.


Book Display Highlights:

In Nan Unklesbay’s book Swimming Against the Tide: Strong Recovery from Stroke, you can read a detailed account of a stroke survivors determination and persistence to overcome obstacles in recovery.  Unklesbay’s book is great for patients, educators and caregivers. It details the importance of occupational, physical and speech therapists in recovery and how vital the physician and nurse relationships are with the patient.


Lucky that way, by Pamela Gerhardt, is a daughters memoir of her father’s last days after a debilitating stroke. For anyone who deals with ageing parents, friends or patients this is an intriguing, humorous, and eye opening read about maneuvering the complexities of human emotions, rehabilitation and decision making.


Check out these books and many more at the Health Sciences Library. The book display is located across from the circulation desk, to the right of the main doors.




Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is a health sciences librarian at the University of Missouri. Rachel's work focuses on supporting the research mission of the University.