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MU Remembers: Health Sciences Library Honors with Books

Every year MU honors those who have passed through the MU Remembers ceremony. To commemorate the lives of these individuals, a book is chosen for each and added to the Health Sciences Library collection. Bookplates are placed inside each of the books and the students, faculty, and staff honored through this program are listed as honorees on the books’ library catalog records. For more information about our Honor with Books program, click here.

Below is the list of students, faculty, and staff who were honored through the Health Sciences Library.

Alyssa Turner (School of Health Professions): Hemphill, Barbara. (2020). Occupational therapy and spirituality

William Salzer (College of Medicine): Baker, Carol J. (ed.). (2020). Red book atlas of pediatric infectious diseases

Judy Gentzsch (Hospital Nursing Services): Harris, James, & Roussel, Linda, & Thomas, Tricia (eds.). (2018). Initiating and sustaining the clinical nurse leader role: a practical guide

Nicole Guillames (School of Medicine): Higgins, Robert S.D., & Sanchez, Juan A. (2018). The multi-organ donor: A guide to selection, preservation and procurement

Melissa Johnson (MU Hospital): The American Cancer Society (ed.) (2018). The American Cancer Society’s principles of oncology: Prevention to survivorship

Christy Old (School of Medicine): Jespersen, Elias A. (ed.) (2019). Exploring the opportunities and challenges of medical students

Michelle Robinett (Pharmacy and Laboratory Services): Dasgupta, Amitava, & Sepulveda, Jorge. (2019). Accurate results in the clinical laboratory: A guide to error detection and correction

James Yeagle (MU Hospital): Cheng, Fanjun, & Zhang, Yu (eds.). (2020). The clinical diagnosis and treatment for new coronavirus pneumonia

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