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Increase your Research Impact through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great free tool, that you might already use. Since LinkedIn targets professionals, it is an ideal tool to interact with fellow researchers. 


Step 1: Create your profile

Write a strong headline that showcases your expert areas.

Add a picture.

Write a compelling summary of the work you’ve done, and why it matters. Here is an example from Monica F. Cox.

Finally, make yourself more “googleable” by ensuring your profile is public. 

Step 2: Connect with other academics

Add your email address and LinkedIn will suggest connections based on people you already know.

You can message and communicate with connections to build meaningful relationships. 

Step 3: Highlight your work

Add work that you’re particularly proud of to LinkedIn (Profile > Add Profile Section > Accomplishments).

Share new funding, publications, or thoughts on new research. 

Likely, the research audience you want to target already utilizes LinkedIn. So using LinkedIn to increase the impact and visibility of your research is quick and effective. 

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