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Health Sciences Library collection allocation reduced $150,000 for FY17

You probably have already heard about the cut to the MU Libraries Collections planned for the coming year .  Here’s what we know as of now about what it will mean for the Health Sciences Library.

Our collections allocation will be reduced about $150,000 compared to last year – a 20% reduction.

Even after drastically curtailing our book spending , we will still need to cut around $100,000 from the journal subscriptions managed by our library.

Also subject to the 20% cut are the centrally administered journal packages from Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, Oxford and Springer.  It will be some time before the cut lists for those packages are finalized.

But any cuts to journals in  those packages will be in addition to, not in the place of the $100,00 journal cut facing the Health Sciences Library.

The same goes for the electronic resources which are purchased at the 4-campus level via the MERLIN consortium.

We will share more information as it becomes available.