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Blind Date With A Book

From February 1-14, the Health Sciences Library invites students, faculty and staff to go on a “Blind Date with a Book” for Valentine’s Day. Some titles from our collection have been selected and decoratively wrapped with a few lines from the books to provide the best blind date experience.

You can find the books near the Service Desk on the main floor of the Health Sciences Library. If you check out a book, don’t forget to Rate Your Date for a chance to win a prize! There are slips of paper in the library or you can email with your rating (out of 5 stars) and one sentence review.

Can’t come into the library? No problem! We have chosen some of our new ebooks for your blind date.

Book Blind Date #1

“You know you are different. You see and think in such different ways, most of the time no one else can see the way you perceive things. My father told me that I used to scare him when, at 9 years of age, I would wake up in the mornings and say things like ‘Dad, I know what causes cancer; it’s the excessive use of pesticides on everything we eat.’ Although that theory didn’t explain everything, years later evidence would come out that certain chemicals and pesticides are in fact carcinogenic.”

Book Blind Date #2

“And after how many speeches to herself about what not to do? Things not to do such as, first and foremost, meet anyone, much less someone, at a basement party? After all of that, Ndiya Grayson met Shame Luther at a basement party. It was the Fourth of July, a Sunday. Well, by the time they met it was early Monday morning. Over the next month she’d seen him twice. This night would be the third time.”

Book Blind Date #3

“Courage is contagious”

Book Blind Date #4

“In the haunted summer of 2016, an unaccustomed heat wave struck the Siberian tundra on the edge of what the ancients ones called the End of the Land.”

Book Blind Date #5

“An oyster creates a pearl out of a grain of sand.”

Book Blind Date #6

“I’m going to tell you a brief story.”

Book Blind Date #7

“Since the time when man’s mind first busied itself with subjects beyond his own self-preservation and the satisfaction of his bodily appetites, the anomalous and curious have been of exceptional and persistent fascination to him; and especially is this true of the construction and functions of the human body.”

Book Blind Date #8

“I knew with certainty that I would never be a doctor.”

Book Blind Date #9

“On January 29, 1951, David Lacks sat behind the wheel of his old Buick, watching the rain fall.”


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, reference, and marketing for the University of Missouri Libraries.