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University of Missouri Libraries Will Transition to FOLIO

The UM Library Council, in conjunction with the UM System ILS Task Force, are pleased to announce that FOLIO has been selected as our new integrated library system. We will begin migration in September 2021 with plans to be fully operational by early summer 2022. We are excited about this opportunity to work with EBSCO as we transition to FOLIO. We view FOLIO as a forward thinking, next generation, open-source system that will allow for growth and customization for the UM System as well as the individual campuses.

We would like to thank the library staff on all four campuses for providing insight and feedback during our recommendation phase. We could not have made this decision without their participation and assessment of each system. Thanks to the task force leading this charge: Stephanie Chinn, Jaleh Fazelian, Corrie Hutchinson (co-chair), Buddy Pennington, Taylor Kenkel (co-chair), and Ernest Shaw.

The transition to FOLIO will impact almost every facet of the library’s operations. We must begin planning for and documenting processes to have a successful roll out and implementation, and we thank the task force for leading this coming phase. We look forward to working together to create a new, vibrant system that will be of use to the UM community.