Spring 2014 Zotero Workshop Schedule

To register online, click the class title. If these dates and times are bad for you, please feel free to email brekhusr at missouri dot edu with a preferred time. We will make an effort to accommodate you. The March workshop will be incorporated into graduate student workshops that month; date is tba.

All workshops are in-person unless marked as online. Zotero workshops meet in 213 Ellis Library, which is the computer classroom on the north side of the building on the 2nd floor, across from the main reading room.

Thursday, Jan 30, 2014: Intro to Zotero
4:30-6:00 pm

Friday, Feb 21, 2014: Intro to Zotero
noon-1:30 p.m.

Friday, Apr 18, 2014: Intro to Zotero
noon-1:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014: Intro to Zotero
noon-1:30 p.m.

For more information about Zotero, see: https://libraryguides.missouri.edu/zotero

Electronic waste recycling

Hey everyone! According to this article in the Missourian (http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2011/08/17/electronic-waste-recycling-event/) there will be an electronic waste recycling event at the Home Depot on Clark Lane on August 27th.
I’ve also been told that Best Buy will take non-working televisions (32″ or less); they charge $10 to take it, but then give you a $10 store credit in exchange. (Obviously, you might want to check with them before you haul your TV in there!)

Email overload – ideas

I’ve got a New (Fiscal) Year resolution: to construct email subject lines that help people decide to read them or how to file them.

  • If a response is required, I’ll start the subject with Response Needed:
  • If my subject line is in danger of making people think they don’t need to read further,  I will use the phrase –keep reading at the end or consider crafting a second email instead (example:  No meeting today – keep reading) to indicate that there’ll be no meeting, but I’d still like committee members to do something.
  • If I’m sending a report or notes from a meeting, I’ll say so in the subject line, preferably in the first word of it
  • Rather than just a noun in the subject line, I’ll put something more revealing, containing a verb; in general, I’ll try to give the reader the idea that reading the subject is not enough, that there is unknown information that the reader will feel compelled to click no.  Ex.: Bring a t-shirt for silkscreening at MOBIUS or New Rules for t-shirts at MOBIUS instead of just t-shirts at MOBIUS

Anyone else have subject line advice to share?

Submitted by Rachel Brekhus

Summer Reading

What books are you reading this summer? Me, it’s the Dresden Files series all the way. This series is the closest I’ve ever come to reading and enjoying either noir mystery or horror fiction. It was the wizard protagonist named Harry that drew me in and the character development that keeps me coming back.

Tiger Spot Carol for 2009

Another year in the company of what I like to call “That D***** (Tiger) Spot”…another carol.  I’m going to keep making these up until the thing goes away.  Maybe some of us could raise money for the removal of the mosaic by singing the whole collection of them on Lowry Mall and putting out a hat.

What’s That In Front of the Library? (to the tune of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”)

What’s that in front of the li—brary?
The freshmen have never been told.
The kids are bending near the earth,
To lift the tarp of gold.

Is it a fountain? Is it a door
To Ellis’ most spacious wing?
The passersby in stillness stare
To contemplate the thing.

What’s that in front of the li—brary?
It’s quite the mystery!
O when, o when will the Tiger Spot
Pass into history?!

Who’s Got Dumb Email Subject Lines?

Sure, email subject lines are *supposed* to convey something meaningful and preferably, something pretty specific, about the content of the email.  It helps people decide when to read email (this second or later? Ever?) and helps them find the email if they look for it later.  But why show people this minimal consideration when you can dash off an email to hundreds of your colleagues and just call it “FYI” or better yet, leave the subject line blank?  Faster than Jesse Hall can say “hiring freeze,” you can mark yourself as a self-important twit  who thinks your time and effort is worth more than your readers’ time and effort.  Hooray!

So, what annoyingly vague email subject lines have cluttered YOUR inbox lately?  Post them in the comments.  Don’t give the sender.

Plant exchange

Gardeners, I can supply someone with starts for zebra grass and penstemon (beardtounge.) I am looking for Irises, if anyone is dividing theirs. Prefer purples and maroon, but will take any and am interested in other plants you may have to share. BTW, penstemon likes sun, can take a little shade, likes a good watering, but not a marshy spot, has lilac flowers in late summer that attract hummingbirds. Terri, HSL

Marching Mizzou To Salute MU Libraries

Beginning at 12 noon on Monday May 12, 2008, Marching Mizzou will pass through every library branch on campus, as a special honor to the MU Libraries “as place” and the Tiger spirit of the students who will begin their final exam period on that day.

“What says ‘modern academic library’ more than the blare of brass instruments and clash of cymbals?” asks Music Librarian Michael Muchow rhetorically. Read more Marching Mizzou To Salute MU Libraries