Pictures from Erin Powell’s Outing to the Butterfly Festival.

Erin and her daughter ventured out to the Butterfly Festival this last Sunday at MU's Jefferson Farms. Still plenty of Sunday afternoons in July to go and explore! If you take a stroller please be aware that there isn't a sidewalk to the actual Butterfly house so it might be a bit rocky.

Library Babies!

The MU Libraries family is expanding!

Navadeep (Nav) Khanal, our E-Learning Librarian, and his wife Mar Soria are expecting a baby girl in May. A shower was held in their honor on April 20 in the staff lounge. (Photo credit: Jeannette Pierce)


Ashley Granger, Library Specialist in Collection Services, and her husband Shannon welcomed their son Jack on January 26. Since Ashley's shower was originally planned for January 27, it had to be postponed! On April 22, we got to meet adorable baby Jack and shower him with gifts and snuggles.


Congratulations to both couples!

Meet Tim!

Submitted by Tim Perry

Although I have been at Mizzou since last November, I am still new enough that I thought it would be worth introducing myself on this blog!

My name is Tim Perry and I am the new Special Collections librarian at Ellis Library. Although I have not lived in the Midwest before, this is not my first time living in the US – from 2010-2012 I lived in New Hampshire, where I was teaching Classics at Dartmouth College. Most of the last ten years or so, though, I have spent in Toronto, where I received both my PhD (in Classics) and my MI in Library and Information Science. I have also lived in France, Belgium, and the UK, but I am originally from New Zealand, which is where I did my undergraduate studies (in Classics and French) and my MA (in Classics), both at the University of Canterbury.

My first few months at Mizzou have been spent familiarizing myself with the wonderful special collections that we have here at the Ellis Library. Since my background is in Classics, I have been particularly happy to find that we have an extensive collection of classical texts, including some fine Medieval manuscripts and early printed texts. I also have some training in letterpress printing, so I have enjoyed going through our collection of modern fine press books too. And, of course, I have had plenty of opportunities to share these materials (and more) with students, as I have also been doing plenty of teaching, including classes on everything from Greek oratory to the Brontës, and from bookplate design to pirates.

Beyond the walls of the library I’ve been exploring Missouri with my partner (who has a post-doc in Classical Studies here at Mizzou), including visits to St. Louis and Kansas City, as well Columbia itself. (I’ve also found time to catch a couple of Tigers games, though American sports remain something of a mystery: I grew up in a country where hockey is only played on grass and football means rugby!) My interests include photography, so I am looking forward to exploring the countryside around Columbia with camera in hand, especially as we move into spring and summer.

I look forward to seeing you around the library!



DiversiTEA 2016

MU Libraries' DiversiTEA, hosted by the Diversity Action Committee (DAC), was held on March 31, 2016. All library staff were invited to celebrate different cultures at an afternoon tea break in the staff lounge.

Treats included finger foods from various countries and authentic beverages from India, Mexico, Japan, and China. Each beverage had a host(ess) who educated us about its country of origin. There were also decorations and traditional clothing. The DiversiTEA was a colorful, yummy, and informative event, enjoyed by all!

Photos courtesy of Ivy Hui.






True/False: Experience with Fest: 6-time volunteer, 1st time Queen, longtime attendee

Submitted by Abbie Brown

I was a Queen at the True/False Film Festival this year!  That might sound like a pageant title, but it’s actually the name of one of the volunteer roles within the festival.  Queens are flamboyantly-costumed volunteers who work at each of the film venues, run the ticket lines, and answer questions from attendees.  They are a very visible part of the festival, but they are only one role of the dozens and dozens of volunteer roles that are needed to make this nonprofit festival run.  This was my first year as a Queen, but I’ve been volunteering with the festival since 2010 in a number of different roles.

The True/False Film Festival is an amazing experience.  It’s not just a great opportunity to see world-class documentary film (brand new films, straight out of Sundance), but it’s also a homegrown, locally-run, nonprofit festival full of art, music, food, and friendly people.  It’s totally unique in that way, and it’s gained a big reputation among filmmakers and critics as a place where film takes precedence (not celebrity and fame).  Filmmakers come from all over the world to be part of this!

I have attended the festival as a passholder and I have seen lots of great films, but the volunteer experience is the reason that True/False is my favorite weekend of the year.  I keep increasing my volunteer time and responsibilities and, as a result, I only see one film each year at most.  But I’ll get to see the films later.  True/False, for me, is a time to be fully immersed in helping the festival run.  More than 800 people volunteer for the festival every year, from high school students to retirees.  They run the venues, the box office, and the merch tables.  They create art, music, parades, and food.  They haul trash, build and break down venue decorations.  They come from Columbia and St. Louis and even far out of town- I met one volunteer this weekend who travels here from Seattle just to volunteer.  And the festival is worth it- organizing and treating volunteers really well!  Happy, knowledgeable volunteers add to the spirit and energy of the festival.

If you’ve never attended True/False before, I hope you’ll put it on your to-do list.  Come and see the March March parade, or just walk around town and enjoy the good vibes.  But if you want to see a film, you do not need a reserved ticket or a festival pass to see one!  For many films (especially daytime screenings), you can just walk in and pay at the door.  It’s a little more complicated than that, but feel free to contact me and I’ll walk you through the process.  I love True/False.


Erin’s Baby Shower

I have not been posting on the Muse as much as I'd like to lately, but I've been a little distracted. I'm expecting a baby very soon! My wonderful colleagues threw me a baby shower recently, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank them. They did such a fabulous, creative job. I'm using "The Wizard of Oz" as the nursery theme, and that carried over to the shower, with a "yellow brick road" table cloth, hot air balloon decorations, and rainbow napkins. The tasty treats included cupcakes, donut holes, fruit, and punch. I was blown away by the gifts — the baby's closet and bookshelf are quite full now! Thank you very much to everyone who "showered" the baby with such nice things.

A very special thank you to the team who planned/baked/decorated — Corrie, Ruthe, Adrienne, Mary, Suzanne, and Bette.


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Rachel’s Christmas Eve Excursion in the U Street Corridor

Submitted by Rachel Brekhus, Humanities Librarian.

My parents, brother and sister all live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, so when my husband and I visit there for the holidays, there are almost always at least two short trips away from my parents’ park-nestled street in Silver Spring,  one to a museum and one to a beach or wildlife site on the Chesapeake Bay. This year's DC museum excursion was to the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum , followed by lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl in the U Street Corridor, a longtime center of African-American cultural life in the nation’s capital.

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Sue Barnes’s Retirement Party

After 25 years of service to Ellis Library, Sue Barnes, head of Serials, has retired. As well as managing her day-to-day tasks in the Acquisitions department, she also served as Community Service chair for MULSA, organizing collections to benefit local charitable groups including the food bank and Rainbow House. Sue’s last day in the office was December 10. A reception was held in her honor. The treats included carrot cake, pinwheel sandwiches, and punch. We will miss Sue and wish her the best!

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2014 MULSA Thanksgiving Luncheon

The 2014 MULSA Thanksgiving Luncheon was held on Friday, November 21 in the Ellis Library Reading Room. The holiday was celebrated by library faculty and staff as well as Jesse Hall staff currently residing in Ellis due to Renew Mizzou. The main dishes were catered by Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant, while guests brought side dishes and desserts to share. Tofurkeys were also provided as a vegetarian option. Collection bins were available for MULSA’s Holiday Food Drive for the local food bank and Second Chance.

Visit the link below to see photos from the luncheon. Photos are courtesy of Sheena Waggoner.

2014 Thanksgiving Luncheon Photo Album

2014 MULSA Halloween Party

MULSA’s Annual Halloween Party was held in the Ellis Staff Lounge on Friday, October 31. The lounge was decked out with spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins. Several contests were held: trivia, mini pumpkin decorating, and costumes. Treats included “liquid potion” (green punch), “bloody stumps” (cocktail sausages), brownies, pumpkin muffins, and an assortment of cookies.

A big THANK YOU goes out to MULSA’s Social Co-chairs, Tammy Green and Sheena Waggoner, for organizing this event!

Visit the link below to see photos from the party. Photos are courtesy of Sheena Waggoner.

2014 Halloween Party Photo Album