Kick Urban Sketching Challenge

July will be here soon and here’s a fun art challenge especially if you’ve never tried Urban Sketching before. It can be as simple as sitting in your front yard or in a cafe. These drawings aren’t about winning the State Fair or being in an art gallery so don’t worry about how “perfect” you’re sketches will be. If you like keeping things simple or are trying it out for the first time, all you need is paper and a pen. Urban sketches can make great additions to travel journals even if it’s just a day trip to someplace else. To find out more about this challenge please go here)

MULSA 75th Anniversary Edition Cookbook Reminder

Please don’t forget to collect your favorite recipes and turn them in by the end of July. You can either use this form ( or email them directly to Rachel. All categories need more recipes and people can turn in more than one. Rachel particularly encourages recipes you either have or want to use at a work event, and recipes that have some special story or personal significance for you. The current break down of recipes is as follows)
Main Courses – 11
Salads – 2
Snacks – 2
Desserts – 4
Seasonings – 3
Sides – 1
Beverages – 2

Grants Farm’s Summer Nights

Their Summer Nights show sounds like fun with music, food, and a drone show. This only happens on certain nights including this Friday and Saturday. If you want a different day then please visit their calendar ( for future available dates. By clicking on the Summer Nights link for the day you want to visit, you will find information specific to that day as well as information about the event itself. During the day they have a variety of animals you can see besides the Clydesdales, and plenty you can pet. Please don’t forget to brighten the day of the alpacas, goats and llamas by feeding them.

DIY Dog Toys

If you know a dog who needs toys, and have some spare time and old t-shirts, you can go here ( to find out how to make them. Once you’re done, you can either watch your dog have all the fun or join in. Just be careful if you decide to research more DIY toys. Some will clearly be bad ideas but did you know that tennis balls aren’t good either? This article ( explains the dangers, and how to manage them with your dog.

Looking for an Adventure?

These two experiences put me in mind of the dungeon crawl turned real and minus the monsters unless that’s your opinion of certain critters. You roam a designated space trying to solve the puzzles and achieve the goal which sounds like it can be quite varied in Adventure Labs. One choice you don’t necessarily have to make is which one you will go to. You could attend both.
If you’re interested in Adventure Labs where else would you go to find more information than a library? The Columbia Public Library will introduce you to what Adventure Labs are and then let you try it out for real in the Columbia Cemetery. The event takes place on Monday, June 17th starting at the Columbia Public Library. For more information on the event, please go here:
The next event is the Kansas City Zoo’s Locked Zoo on June 22nd. Here, instead of a cemetery you get a zoo to wander with the promise of animals. If you would like to find out more about this event then you can find information here:

Summer Reading Challenge for Adults!

If you participated in any summer reading programs as a kid it sounds like you probably had fun. The National Book Foundation is hosting one for adults which looks much more interesting in some ways. Who wouldn’t love to swap books with someone else? That’s one of the more mundane tasks you can check off the list. And yes, there are prizes to IF you submit before September arrives.  Interested? Then read more about it here: If you want to jump straight to the fun list of assignments then you can go here: How many people would have problems with “Read a book in a new-to-you genre” because they have a tough time thinking of a genre they haven’t picked up?

June Comic Challenges

These art challenges are for all the comics lovers out there!
Journey June is Back!
This is for those who want to work on one story for the entire month. Find this year’s prompts here)
Quick Kick June Cartoon Challenge
This one does not tie you down to one story for the month. you can find an optional prompts list here)

A Unique Vacation Souvenir

Vacation season is pretty much here and there might be a souvenir that you will overlook. It can be found anywhere. It can fit any budget and is only the size of your favorite book. It can improve your memories of the trip and/or be very educational. It might even help you plan for your trip beforehand and plan future vacations as well. There’s even a kid’s version. Basically, there are many things this little item could do for you depending on how you treat it. It doesn’t even matter how long or short your “vacation” is. I have one for a trip to another state and one for the Chinese Culture Festival this last weekend. If you’re curious as to what this object is, please see the resources below.
This is the best website I’ve found. Personally, I recommend both.