Walking Book Club

Daniel Boone Regional Library is encouraging mid-Missourians to read, walk, and talk this summer. "As part of Summer Reading, we'll be hosting a walking book club at the Columbia Public Library on the second Wednesday of the month throughout the summer. This club combines three necessities for a healthy brain: mental, physical and social activity. Participants will take a 30-minute walk, leaving from the library, followed by a book discussion." Check out the schedule on DBRL's blog.

Ahh, the Sweet Smell of Lignin

Here's a walking tip for this rainy week: stroll (or power-walk) through Ellis Library. With five floors and multiple staircases, you can get quite a workout! While you're walking, you'll surely get a whiff of that beloved "old book smell."  On second thought, though, you might want to wait until after finals. The next couple of weeks at the library might smell more like coffee and stress than anything else!