VOTE! Halloween Costume Contest!

Below are pictures of the costume contestants.  There are three categories:

1.Most spirited

2. Most creative

3. Best "wouldn't want to meet in the stacks" costume

*****Please vote for 1 person in each category in the comment section below!  Voting concludes in one week.  Winners will be announced and notified and can pick up their prizes when voting is complete*****

Vote for your favorites in the comments!

A. Erin: Tired Mom

B. Whitney: Batgirl

C. Karla: Ladybug

D. Charlotte:Belle

(from Beauty & the Beast)

Erin: Tired Mom img_0651 img_0652 img_0657-2

E. Jack Granger: Dragon

F. Sharon: Instagram photo

G. Adrienne: Chef with a checkered past

H. Rachel: Dice

img_0659-2 img_0661 img_0653 img_0656



Thanks to MULSA and everyone who donated treats for the party!



Holiday Call for Content

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pie (47/365)

Don’t forget to submit content to the Muse!  This is the perfect time to send us something interesting.  We love to post your stories, your recipes, and your pictures.  Did you read a book or see a movie?  Send us your reviews too!

Send it all our way anytime during the holiday season (or any other time, of course) and we’ll put them up here.

Content submissions to either Darell Schmick or Abbie Brown (pawprint: brownab).

Have a great holiday weekend!

Who’s Got Dumb Email Subject Lines?

Sure, email subject lines are *supposed* to convey something meaningful and preferably, something pretty specific, about the content of the email.  It helps people decide when to read email (this second or later? Ever?) and helps them find the email if they look for it later.  But why show people this minimal consideration when you can dash off an email to hundreds of your colleagues and just call it “FYI” or better yet, leave the subject line blank?  Faster than Jesse Hall can say “hiring freeze,” you can mark yourself as a self-important twit  who thinks your time and effort is worth more than your readers’ time and effort.  Hooray!

So, what annoyingly vague email subject lines have cluttered YOUR inbox lately?  Post them in the comments.  Don’t give the sender.