VOTE! Halloween Costume Contest!

Below are pictures of the costume contestants.  There are three categories:

1.Most spirited

2. Most creative

3. Best "wouldn't want to meet in the stacks" costume

*****Please vote for 1 person in each category in the comment section below!  Voting concludes in one week.  Winners will be announced and notified and can pick up their prizes when voting is complete*****

Vote for your favorites in the comments!

A. Erin: Tired Mom

B. Whitney: Batgirl

C. Karla: Ladybug

D. Charlotte:Belle

(from Beauty & the Beast)

Erin: Tired Mom img_0651 img_0652 img_0657-2

E. Jack Granger: Dragon

F. Sharon: Instagram photo

G. Adrienne: Chef with a checkered past

H. Rachel: Dice

img_0659-2 img_0661 img_0653 img_0656



Thanks to MULSA and everyone who donated treats for the party!



5 comments on “VOTE! Halloween Costume Contest!

  1. 1.Most spirited — B: Whitney

    2. Most creative  —  F: Sharron

    3. Best "wouldn't want to meet in the stacks" costume — A: Erin

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