Electronic waste recycling

Hey everyone! According to this article in the Missourian (http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2011/08/17/electronic-waste-recycling-event/) there will be an electronic waste recycling event at the Home Depot on Clark Lane on August 27th.
I’ve also been told that Best Buy will take non-working televisions (32″ or less); they charge $10 to take it, but then give you a $10 store credit in exchange. (Obviously, you might want to check with them before you haul your TV in there!)

Things to think about when doing your laundry

Things to think about when doing your laundry.

• Get a front loading washing machine as soon as you can. They use at least 40% less water and up to 65% less electricity compared to a top loader. Front loaders are kinder on your clothes as well, because they don’t agitate. This means you won’t get those annoying tiny little balls on your clothes.
• Buy powdered detergents. Don’t pay for someone to ship the added water, in liquid detergent, around the country. You’ve already got water plumbed into the washing machine! And make sure your detergent is phosphate free.
• Always fill up the washing machine with a full load, to maximize the effectiveness of the water and energy you’re using. If required (and your machine has it) select the ‘Half Load’ setting.
• Read care labels before buying apparel. Avoid where possible, any clothing that is ‘Dry Clean Only’. Although there are a few more benign dry-cleaning processes these days, most still use a strong mix of toxic chemicals.
• Wear clothes more than once before washing them. Obviously this depends on what type of thing you were doing while wearing the clothes. Skirts, jackets and sweaters may work for this. Select natural fabrics less likely to cause you to perspire like cotton, linen and hemp. Air clothes in the sun and moving air, before wearing again – UV light is a good sterilizing agent.
 Ladies can use a drying rack inside for their delicate little “things” they want to wash by hand.
Note from the editor: I plan to put up a clothesline at my house. Nothing smells better than bed sheets dried in the sun! If there’s a bit of a breeze many other kinds of clothes will also come out dried straight and wrinkle free. The only thing that this may not work really well with is probably your towels.

Assistance needed for United for Sight: Laura Akers’ trip to Honduras

Dear colleagues,


This January I will be traveling to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with a group called Unite for Sight.  I will work with a partner eye clinic to screen for eye disease, implement education programs, and coordinate sight-restoring surgery for children and adults. I must raise a minimum of $1500 to help the local eye clinic in Honduras pay for surgeries and eye care to those in need. Hopefully I will raise much more to help as many people as possible.

Here is a quick fact: $50 can restore a patient’s sight. $250 can restore sight for five people.

To donate, please visit my Fundraising Page at: https://maestropay.com/uniteforsight/volunteers/ref/897cb902e2b747f3872a8e4b23fcd9b1. 


You can also visit and join my fundraising group on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/laura.akers#/group.php?gid=113406809856&ref=mf. 

100% of your donation will provide eye care to patients living in extreme poverty.

Here are some facts on why eye care is an issue:

  • 60-80% of children who become blind die within 1-2 years
  • Unite For Sight not only restores vision, but also empowers patients and their families.
  • Blindness in the developing world has a significant effect on families, employment, income, and on the education of children within the family.
  • Social stigma related to blind patients is commonplace in many communities in the developing world.
  • Those who are blind are oftentimes considered to be a burden to the family because they are not able to contribute to a family’s income.
  • Instead of attending school, children within a family are frequently assigned to the role of the caregiver of blind adults.
  • Blindness and visual impairment impacts employment opportunities and income levels for individuals and families.
  • Reduced employment opportunities and lower income levels negatively impact the local, regional, and country-wide economics.

If you can’t donate monetarily, send me your used prescription eyeglasses or non prescription UV-protected sunglasses! I have to bring 500 pairs of glasses with me to Honduras.  I will be setting out a collection bin in the downstairs break room at HSL if you have any used glasses you can donate. 

Unite for Sight has opened my eyes to the debilitating blindness that affects many parts of the world, I hope it has done the same to you. I would be very grateful for your support and contributions.



Laura Akers

Graduate Library Assistant

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

University of Missouri-Columbia

Columbia, MO 65212