Plant exchange

Gardeners, I can supply someone with starts for zebra grass and penstemon (beardtounge.) I am looking for Irises, if anyone is dividing theirs. Prefer purples and maroon, but will take any and am interested in other plants you may have to share. BTW, penstemon likes sun, can take a little shade, likes a good watering, but not a marshy spot, has lilac flowers in late summer that attract hummingbirds. Terri, HSL

Spring in Rebecca’s garden

     As the temperature in Missouri ping pongs back and forth between 30° and 70° it’s hard to know what clothes to put on for the day. Well that’s Spring in Missouri. Meanwhile some of us are thinking about our gardens. Mine is mostly to grow good things to eat but I will plant flowers as well.
     First of all I am a person compelled by forces unknown to garden. I just can’t not garden. My brothers and I were taught how to do this by our Dad. I know that both my parents growing up had big vegetable gardens to feed the big family, and my Mom grew up on a cotton farm. Maybe this is where I got it from, however none of my brothers have vegetable gardens. Read more Spring in Rebecca’s garden